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Your wedding invitation wording - Top five tips

Getting the right wording on your wedding stationery can feel pretty tricky. How much information do you include and what tone of voice should you use?

At Draenog we help couples to craft the perfect words to make their all important invitation personal and just right for them.

  1. Show your personality - Don't be afraid to add some personal touches to your invitation wording. Keep the tone light by using words like 'our big day' instead of 'wedding' or 'marriage', or if you love football, why not include a kick off time!
  2. Keep it traditional - Include the names of your parents on your invitations for a classic approach to wedding wording.
  3. Simple to reply - Make it easy for your guests and you by including a date for responses and an RSVP card that they can return to you. This will give you space to ask for details such as food choices or a song that reminds them of you to be played in your wedding party.
  4. Say it in two languages - If you or your partner's family speak another language, you can include both languages on your invitations. 
  5. Make your guests feel special - Move away from formal wording by telling your guests what it means to you for them to be at your wedding, with wording like 'We would love you to be part of our day!'.

Just got engaged? Congratulations!

Traditional, modern or totally different, whatever style you want for your wedding stationery, we can guide you all the way from save the dates to thank you cards. Get in touch for a chat about your perfect wedding stationery. 

All of our wedding collection designs can be customised to match your wedding colour scheme and style, or if you're after something totally unique, ask about our bespoke wedding stationery.

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